Young Hopefuls

Heidi left side 24-11-19 Silkie left side 24-11-19 Fraser left side 24-11-2019

Heidi & Silkie the first 2 daughters of Cyclone (Charterwood Storm) born 23/5/19 & 12/6/19 .

Silkie was Best Beagle bitch puppy at Manchester Championship Show 2020.

Charterwood Catrina (Katy) born 23/8/19 by Annavah Phoenix & Charterwood Catriona (by Ch. Annavah Felix).

Sparta & Sunshine by Royal Pack Ukraine Leader at Gladstyle (Imp UKR) x Charterwood Sparkle by Ch. Davricard Harrison. Born 5/9/20.

Sparta 30-11-2020 Sunshine 30-11-20 Sunshine head 30-11-20.20jpg Gemima head 30-11-20 Sparta head 30-11-20 Tessa 30-11-20 Gemima 30-11-20 Tessa head 30-11-20

Charterwood Gemima by Charterwood Storm x Charterwood Golden Gem. Born 7/8/20.

Charterwood Destiny (Tessa) by Charterwood Harvest x Charterwood Dazzle. Born 23/8/20.