Here at Charterwood we keep a number of chickens, Orpingtons buff large fowl & bantam gold lace, Silkies, French Marans, Sablepoots & Wyandottes. Pictured above are a few of our birds.

2 Buff Orp Pullets & friends 20-2-12 IMG_2492 Gold lace bantam trio Aug 2012 IMG_3307 Sablepoot trio Sep 2012 IMG_3309 Silkies aged 5 months 6-4-12 IMG_2651 Lav Pekins 27-3-14 IMG_1216 Orpingtons Buff 20-5-17 Paint Silkies 10-8-17 IMG_0382 SL Wyandottes Oct 2017 IMG_0689 23-2-12 1st of new hatch IMG_2538 Pekin black mottled hen 21-4-18